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The Name Aisna
The Etruscans were the ones to introduce viticulture to Tuscany and Italy.

This ancient people were so skilled in cultivating grapes and vinifying them that large quantities of Etruscan wine were traded along the Mediterranean routes and beyond the Alps. Widespread were the religious practices honoring the god of wine, Fuflun, in which wine itself was used as a tool to connect everyday life with spirituality, thanks in part to the intoxication it generated. Therefore, based on these considerations, we decided to name our wineAISNA", which in Etruscan meant..."Divine" and to depict in our emblem the god Fuflun holding a cup of wine, while Artames, goddess of the cycles of nature and fertility, offers him a bunch of grapes.

Our History
Rossi's Family

Our story is that of a family composed of determined and enterprising individuals; Sergio Rossi, since the early 1970s, for the love of vineyards and wine, moved from Milan to Montalcino and, together with cousin Giulio Consonno, first establishes and manages the companies"Altesino” and “Caparzo, and then founding in 1979 their own company "La Gerla”.
The son Alessandro follows in his father's footsteps, and in 1998, after assisting his father for a few years, starts his own cultivation of Sangiovese Grosso, supplying Sergio to produce his own Brunello.
From the 2011After the passing of his father, Alessandro, with great passion, initiates the independent winemaking of the produced grapes, giving rise to a new winemaking venture in the territory of Montalcino.

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