The Territory

Montalcino is located in the Val d'Orcia, a hilly area about forty kilometers south of Siena, characterized by its unique landscape, designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2004.

The municipality, although inhabited by just over 5 thousand residents, is the largest in the province, covering approximately 24 thousand hectares, of which only 15 percent is dedicated to grape production.

The Montalcino area formed over various geological eras, resulting in different soils with distinct cultivation characteristics. 

 Moreover, the different orientations of the hills and the altimetric difference between the valleys and the highest points allow very different microenvironments to coexist, even in neighboring areas.

The Climate

Montalcino enjoys a dry climate with continental characteristics. 

Indeed, thanks to its location between the sea and the mountains – it is only 40 kilometers from the sea and about 100 kilometers from the Apennines – the area is quite well-ventilated. 

The wind creates an ideal climate for the vines, preventing diseases and reducing the likelihood of fog and frost.

During the vegetative phase, the mild and low-rainfall climate ensures the gradual ripening process of the grapes.

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